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Assistant's anime appearance

The Assistant is a nameless male high school student who Sempai recruits into her Magic Club. He is often frustrated by Sempai's antics, and is displeased when Sempai refers to him as her "assistant". Assistant is at first shocked by the awkward and embarrassing situations Sempai gets into, such as when she seemingly unknowingly exposes her underwear to him. However, Assistant's thoughts reveal that he does find Sempai attractive, although he does not admit this to her.

Assistant likes talking about and playing video games, and although he is not afraid to vent when he is bothered, he is quite reserved when witnessing Sempai's obscene behavior. For example, when he unexpectedly sees Sempai lying with her legs spread, he simply stops looking and says, "Much too vulgar". He also covers kids' eyes in the park when Sempai messes up her changing-clothes trick and ends up in nothing but a cape.

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